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Coca-cola, Masterlock, Simplicity, Kohler, Bon*Ton/Boston Store, Northwestern Mutual Life, Citgo, United Health Care, Strong Health Care–New York, Innova Health Care–Washington DCBuell Motorcycles–a division of Harley Davidson, Cousin’s Subs, Milwaukee Tools, Wisconsin Division of Tourism, Firstar Bank, Milwaukee County Zoo, CBS WDJT, Milwaukee Brewers, Public Television, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.


Nothing beats original music.

“I have scored hundreds of commercials. When a library track won’t cut it, come to me. Being able to communicate with clients and understand what they are looking for is one of my strengths, and I’ve been trusted time and again by agencies with National Branding Campaigns and huge budgets. I write, record, produce and master in my own professional studio, in every style and genre. I play and perform regularly the best players on the planet and have the resources and the experience to customize any client project.”