Sometimes Life IS Good

“Sometimes Life IS Good,” a 3 song EP, is Tyler’s 7th release as an artist. It features Richie “LaBamba” Rosenberg on trombone, Mike Merritt on bass, Ron Dziubla on saxes (all members of Conan O’Briens Basic Cable Band) Edoardo Tancredi on drums and Glenn Alexander from the Asbury Jukes on guitar with Tyler on all vocals, trumpet and keys. Tyler and Richie met through their kids’ highschool Music Program, and since writing a pile of music for a TV Pilot, they’ve developed a strong collaborative connection. Watch for more soulful tunes with full horn sections!

Available now on Pacific Records and all digital platforms worldwide.  

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  1. Main Theme 13 Murders That Changed American History (recorded live in Budapest) Tyler Traband Orchestral Music 1:45
  2. One Thing Leads to Another Live Budapest Tyler Traband Orchestral Music 1:56
  3. The Stallion and the Mare in the Snow chamber quintet Tyler Traband Orchestral Music 2:19
  4. A Most Polite Waltz Chamber Quintet Tyler Traband Orchestral Music 2:41
  1. 01. Main Theme B. Harley Bradley House Tyler Traband Documentary Underscore 2:07
  2. 04. The Story Begins Tyler Traband Documentary Underscore 3:54
  3. 05. An Inviting Home Tyler Traband Documentary Underscore 1:12
  4. 06. Flourishing in the Suburbs Tyler Traband Documentary Underscore 3:00
  5. 07. Storytime Picking up FLW at the Depot Tyler Traband Documentary Underscore 0:57
  6. 08. Hardtimes Version 1910 Tyler Traband Documentary Underscore 1:29
  7. 13. Durge for the Great Depression Tyler Traband Documentary Underscore 1:48
  8. 18. A Poor Ranking and a Little Rankling Tyler Traband Documentary Underscore 1:48
  9. 19. An Unstable Stable Tyler Traband Documentary Underscore 1:21
  10. 21. It Absorbed Our Lives Tyler Traband Documentary Underscore 1:01
  11. 22. The January Fire Tyler Traband Documentary Underscore 1:55
  12. 23. Wright in Kankakee Realized Tyler Traband Documentary Underscore 0:59
  1. see you smile Tyler Traband artist/singer/songwriter/pianoman 4:37
  2. Somehow I Grew Up Tyler Traband artist/singer/songwriter/pianoman 3:03
  3. Fallen Tyler Traband artist/singer/songwriter/pianoman 3:55
  4. listen 2 me Tyler Traband artist/singer/songwriter/pianoman 3:46
  5. baby i got love for you Tyler Traband artist/singer/songwriter/pianoman 3:17
  6. heaven or hell Tyler Traband artist/singer/songwriter/pianoman 4:08
  7. love in an 18th century Tyler Traband artist/singer/songwriter/pianoman 3:38
  8. Reunion Tyler Traband artist/singer/songwriter/pianoman 5:06
  9. she walks in beauty Tyler Traband artist/singer/songwriter/pianoman 3:47
  10. The Road Tyler Traband artist/singer/songwriter/pianoman 4:43
  11. Tomes Tyler Traband artist/singer/songwriterTyler Traband artist/singer/songwriter/pianoman 4:05
  12. Lil' Things Tyler Traband artist/singer/songwriter/pianoman 4:17
  1. 04 Welcome to the Desert Tyler Traband Thriller Underscore 2:10
  2. 06 The Real Money Tyler Traband Thriller Underscore 3:26
  3. 07 Ant Footsteps Soundtrack Tyler Traband Thriller Underscore 0:58
  4. 08 If I were a Hammer Tyler Traband Thriller Underscore 4:23
  5. 11 Tale of Two Wolves Tyler Traband Thriller Underscore 1:58
  6. 15 Window Shopping Tyler Traband Thriller Underscore 1:14
  7. 16 A Little Workshop Time Tyler Traband Thriller Underscore 0:57
  8. 18 Look! A Car Tyler Traband Thriller Underscore 1:57
  9. 25 Luna's Cadence Tyler Traband Thriller Underscore 0:14
  10. 30 Girl Fight! Tyler Traband Thriller Underscore 1:02
  1. Entering the Atmosphere Tyler Traband IMAX underscore science family friendly 0:45
  2. Galileo to Moderno Tyler Traband IMAX underscore science family friendly 0:39
  3. Line of Sight Tyler Traband IMAX underscore science family friendly 1:55
  4. Main Theme Chasing the Ghost Particle Tyler Traband IMAX underscore science family friendly 2:52
  5. Nova to Hypernova Tyler Traband IMAX underscore science family friendly 1:58
  6. The Buidling Blocks of the Universe Tyler Traband IMAX underscore science family friendly 1:37
  7. This is a Black Hole: Active Galactic Nuclei Tyler Traband IMAX underscore science family friendly 2:08
  8. Approaching Polar Orbit Tyler Traband IMAX underscore science family friendly 1:48
  9. Back on the Ice Tyler Traband IMAX underscore science family friendly 1:55
  1. Pick Pocket Tyler Traband underscore production track 2:12
  2. Really White Snow Tyler Traband Commercial Track 1:07
  3. Suzy Homemaker Tyler Traband Network Theme Song Pitch 2:39
  4. Undercurrents Tyler Traband hybrid tension underscore 1:47
  5. Walking Through solo piano Tyler Traband commercial 0:33
  6. Clobber dancing Tyler Traband Porche Commercial Pitch (I love this track!) 1:00
  7. Crispy Duck Tyler Traband Commercial 1:07
  8. Deutsche Bahn Tyler Traband modern EDM underscore 2:09
  9. I Wish Clyde Were Here Tyler Traband National ad campaign pitch - commercial 0:32
  10. Modern Mechazoid Tyler Traband commercial 0:31

An American Home

“An American Home: Frank Lloyd Wright’s B. Harley Bradley House”
is streaming now on Amazon Prime.

Original soundtrack available now on Lakeshore Records and all digital providers.
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