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Sometimes Life IS Good

Sometimes Life IS Good EP

27.01.2022 in

“Sometimes Life IS Good,” a 3 song EP, is Tyler’s 7th release as an artist. It features Richie “LaBamba” Rosenberg on trombone, Mike Merritt on bass, Ron Dziubla on saxes (all members of Conan O’Briens Basic Cable Band) Edoardo Tancredi on drums and Glenn Alexander...


01.02.2014 in

Love Songs Hate Songs, written, recorded, engineered and produced by Tyler is his current release, and shows him and the band exploring their roots. With minimal production, minimal overdubs, this CD shows off some fine performances, and demonstrates the "live" vibe that Tyler has...

RE-ISSUE EP (2008)

02.02.2014 in

Re-issue, the EP included brand new studio recordings of Tyler's earlier songs, recorded as they were performed live with his long time band. The single "fallen" got substantial airplay in Milwaukee, on on-line radio stations, and was featured as the local pick of the...


03.02.2014 in

These songs were all written while Tyler was in a work/living loft space in Milwaukee's Walkers Point neighborhood. Urban, raw, and very unhip at the time, it was the perfect place to stay up all night and write all day. The single "Love in an...

NUMBERS (2002)

04.02.2014 in

Produced by Grammy Award Winning Bassist Joe Puerta (Ambrosia, Bruce Hornsby) Tyler's 3rd release "numbers" was recorded by and released on the short lived Firefly record label. More of a band vibe this time around, the songs again center on piano and Tyler strong...

SNACKS (1999)

05.02.2014 in

His second release features another batch of genre bending songs, easily flowing from rock to pop, jazz to lounge, incorporating Tyler's unique piano and vocal styles with widely varied instrumentation. In "Snacks, no classic keyboard stone was left unturned, making use of organs, rhodes...

STUFF (1997)

28.02.2014 in

Tyler's first CD release from 1997. Self produced and recorded, these songs show an early version of Tyler as a songwriter, exploring different genres and textures, mixing acoustic and electronic elements with a mixture of power pop, rock funk and jazz....